Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Surf Prodigy (DrewFX) 1.3.0 Christmas Update

Just in time for Christmas I've made a special updated version for those Surf Prodigy owners! Grab a fresh copy if you haven't bought one yet.

I've tweaked the game quite a bit to make it easier to play and added a new level for Christmas. The level is already unlocked ready to play (no need to complete the circuit) and you get a bonus item if you complete it. So UPDATE if you have it. As for some promo codes - I'll post some soon but there's some legal issue I have to look into which I think requires you to read an agreement. So more on that soon.

What's New in Version 1.3.0

* Christmas Update - Aerial jump contest off coast of an iceberg that floated into the bay for Bonus Item you can wear. Open the map to see the iceberg.
* Dodge ice fragments.
* Enhanced controls to make it more fun to play.
* Will stand up for you if you reach the top of the wave and are still paddling.
* Only fall off on lip of wave or out too far in front when cruising at low speed.
* Snap turn on lip of wave using Lightning button.
* Pump for power on middle of wave using Lightning button.
* Better turning.
* Better calibration.
* When holding the rail it drags you into an auto-barrel ride.
* Two bonus moves added on default - one aerial grab and another barrel move.
* Auto aerial jump if you have done a bottom turn.
* Holds on lip of wave and stalls if you haven't done bottom turn.
* Extended music tracks to full length.
* Earning more money for each location so you truly can compete without a sponsor.
* Moved buttons to work more ergonomically on iPad.
* General bug fixes.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Surf Log - 19th Nov 2011

I'm doing this as an exercise to see if it yields anything interesting for myself.  What I'm doing is recording the surf I was in, and what the charts were doing at the time.  Theoretically I should be able to predict what the conditions are going to be like to go surfing.  This is especially important because some of the locations take a long time to drive to.

Surf Log:  Surfed at Avalon.  Chest to Head high occassionally said the report.  The reality was pretty close, but more like Waist / Chest to Shoulder high.  Fairly uncrowded on spot I chose.  Got long rides.  Wind was SE but break could have tolerated S.   Wind was moderate, and worked out fine.  I thought it was going to be blown out.  Forcast we moderate (15 kts) SE all morning.  Worked out a bit different (see below).

Swell was 3meters falling rapidly to 2m.

Here's the wind chart.  I surfed between 9 and 11:30am.
Tide went from 1.8m down to 1.3m over the session.  I noticed around 10am the reefs started to show and the waves got suckier and easier to catch.
Personal Notes:  Got about 8 decent rides, between 50 to 150m long, lefts from 3rds.  Total asshole out there was tring to tell me to move to another break because this was for SUPs only.  I ignored him and continued surfing.  He snaked me one time too.  His mates called him the Hog.  Fat pr*#k.

Visual Journal:  Here's some photos and video from the day.  Taken about 10mins after I got out ~ 11:45 am.
(video link if not shown: Surf Diary on YouTube)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holidays, freedom and film

So we're off again to Bali soon, and I'm lining up some fun project to do while I'm there. Of course I'm taking an eeePc loading with my game dev stuff, but I'm also thinking about writing scripts. I have a time travel script almost completed, only a few scenes to go and I have a new one in mind.

I am inspired to write my next script which is heavy sci-fi because of my disappointment in Moon and Source Code. I feel that the director, Duncan Jones, kinda let the twisted sci-fi tale down a tad. I guess I'm spoiled by Primer which is exactly the depth that I like my heavy sci-fi. Supernova kinda got there, and Sunshine touched on it.

Moon let me down because I figured it out about 2 minutes after the accident. Source Code let me down because it was kinda dumbed-down twisty ploty time bending storytelling. However it did give me some ideas for other projects. I'm thinking of a sci-fi story idea that asks the audience to get involved in the tech, kinda like Primer wanted, but not to alienate - my folks got turned off by it when I thought my Dad would be intrigued.

I believe we are all tech savvy to a certain degree and if I can craft one of the characters to be like the helpdesk operator for the storyline, I think I can take the audience in pretty deep and not confuse, frustrate or bore. Once there I want the intrigue to build from the possibilities of the tech involved, and also from a metaphyical/philosophical/anthropomorphic point of view.

Sci-fi is really the analysis of life as it is now, with some predictions (usually) of a better future. However, I don't want the promise of a happy ending. I want the audience to worry that they might not get one. I want the audience to take on the anxiety felt by the characters as they journey deeper into the world they are exploring.

It's going to be about how each of us deal with situations unknown, and how we triumph ( mostly ) over adversity. As Spock says to Jim in Wrath of Khan when asked how the new recruits will respond under real pressure, "Like all living beings, Admiral each according to his gifts."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

DrewFX has released Turbo Flick: Demon GPU

Here's a link to the video
DailyMotion hosts DailyAppShow review

Link to iTunes

Turbo Flick is out there!!!! Tell your friends.  Please buy and rate it.  Thanks in advance.

DrewFX to release Turbo Flick:DemonGPU

Release date: 22nd April 2011 (US) for iPod / iPad (scaling) / iPhone devices.
Price 99c (USD)
Publisher: DrewFX

Somewhere in one of these computer memories the Demon GPU was born. Now it is in your mobile device. It will destroy your world - unless, you can defeat it first. Battle your way through 6 sectors to find it. There the Demon GPU will be waiting.

* Cyberspace themed flick shooter.
* Physics based skill required.
* 36 levels to perfect.
* Star based reward system. Can you get them all?
* Retro arcade style shooter blended with pinball.

Videos and screen shots will be released the same day.