Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waypoints and AI

I've implemented a system borrowed from the GG pages that allows me to spawn alien bots in avatar form, then mount them to a vehicle. Once they have done this, they then scan for humans - the function is more adaptive and will scan for any type - and then they go after it.

What's really cool is they know how to fly the ship I've mounted them to.

Future work this month will include the following...
- Spawn enemies from barracks inside mother ship
- They have to walk to a ship in the hangar
- They then have to fly the ship out of the hangar
- Once disembarked they will then look for humans to eat / shoot / capture
- When they have a human they will perform their role on them.
- Missile / Laser / Weapons inventory system for player
- Recharge systems for player
- Humans to perform work - infrastructure.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Art Style update

Boy am I happy with this one! If one single image captured the look and feel of my game BRAVE it would be this one.
It's Mike Trim's artwork for the series UFO. This is what I want, this is what the game will look like - time to learn those shaders!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Missile system added.

Here's a new video of a rudimentary missile system I have added to the game. It shows the player running through a missile POW and then being able to fire missiles at the environment.

BRAVE Video # 2 - Missile Systems

The missile system, like other add-on systems will be either POW generated, or by choosing your ships configuration to suit. For example some "mission platforms" (the configuration you chose) are heavily "seek and destroy" , while others are purely "rescue" based. A "seek and destroy" platform will see you with a special preference for weaponry and so you find plenty of missile POW's to pickup, and your "refueler stations" will make sure they are heavily stocked with weapons.

However therein lies the problem – or the “fun”. You are basically asking your "army" ( the humans you are protecting ) to reconfigure their own tasks to suit your own needs, which in turn services their needs.

If you chose a “platform” that was “troop deploy and protect” and the mission was primarily to destroy all aliens, and not use troops, the humans would find this insulting to put their own army on the line for no good reason. The net result would be that perhaps you go to a “refueler station” and they haven't re-stocked your missiles because they are pouring their time into evacuation procedures.

Of course this is all happening at a frenetic pace, because it's an arcade shooter. You will need to think fast to recover situations such as these. The best course of action in this case is to switch “platforms” and chose the configuration that helps win the current battle. However you ultimately choose how the game unfolds, so maybe you will want to fly the mission however you like – damn those pesky civis.