Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In a sketchy kinda mood.

I used to be able to draw well.  I'm just out of practice.  So I started practising again after I bawxed up a concept for an alien for my new game.

Here's what I started with, and it depressed me a lot to realise I had to practice.

Next I did a concept sketch making it a little more 3d after watching a video on how to do concept painting... and then I realised it was a long way from here to what I wanted.

After that I decided to just practice lighting.  Here's my first attempt at a sphere.
Then attempt number 2.
Finally I felt brave enough to sketch something more adventurous.  I copied this from a book by Marc McBride.  A book on drawing epic monster battles. I'm happy with the result, but the adventure has just begun.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

TRON Space Paranoids Fan project.

I had some problems with my arcade machine of late, and now it's school holidays I've had a chance to fix up the wiring.  As something extra I decided to put on the current build of my fan project that attempts to emulate the game Space Paranoids as played by Kevin in his Flynn's arcade.  Here's the current version running on my low-boy cabinet.