Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Surf Prodigy (DrewFX) 1.3.0 Christmas Update

Just in time for Christmas I've made a special updated version for those Surf Prodigy owners! Grab a fresh copy if you haven't bought one yet.

I've tweaked the game quite a bit to make it easier to play and added a new level for Christmas. The level is already unlocked ready to play (no need to complete the circuit) and you get a bonus item if you complete it. So UPDATE if you have it. As for some promo codes - I'll post some soon but there's some legal issue I have to look into which I think requires you to read an agreement. So more on that soon.

What's New in Version 1.3.0

* Christmas Update - Aerial jump contest off coast of an iceberg that floated into the bay for Bonus Item you can wear. Open the map to see the iceberg.
* Dodge ice fragments.
* Enhanced controls to make it more fun to play.
* Will stand up for you if you reach the top of the wave and are still paddling.
* Only fall off on lip of wave or out too far in front when cruising at low speed.
* Snap turn on lip of wave using Lightning button.
* Pump for power on middle of wave using Lightning button.
* Better turning.
* Better calibration.
* When holding the rail it drags you into an auto-barrel ride.
* Two bonus moves added on default - one aerial grab and another barrel move.
* Auto aerial jump if you have done a bottom turn.
* Holds on lip of wave and stalls if you haven't done bottom turn.
* Extended music tracks to full length.
* Earning more money for each location so you truly can compete without a sponsor.
* Moved buttons to work more ergonomically on iPad.
* General bug fixes.