Monday, August 9, 2010

Bali herez I come! Game In A Day sprints a-go-go!

My last blog post was from Bali on my last day there, and here I am again about to jetset back there!  Where has the time gone?
Well I've made some more sales with Surf Prodigy which seems to be picking up momentum again.  I think the iPad has added a bunch more customers.
I have one new game almost ready to ship, and I am taking over another few game stubs to Bali to do my own little GameJam - soz for not coming this time guys - I just had too much lesson planning for TAFE to do.  Promise I'll be there next time.
So I should be able to do my little Game In Day sprints on 3 game ideas I've got, in between lazing, grazing and surfing.
Here's a link to my original GID post -