Sunday, January 29, 2012

TPS Test for iPhone - Dev Blog # 1

I've been working on an idea for a horror game and I needed an "over-the-shoulder" TPS engine.  I love all the models and the editor from The Games Creators (TGC) and own about 15 of the packs.  The Science Pack is the best for my horror idea but the problem with making a 3d game in FPS Creator is that it won't work on an iPhone. 

So I've begun converting the Direct X models from TGC to Collada format and imported them into ShiVa which is capable of building 3D iphone games.

In this test I've used Cartography Shop - which builds constructed solid geometry (CSG) - and loaded the exported X file into ShiVa, then made it a collider.

Next I've imported the Colonel from the TGC and attached his mesh to a dynamics objects which pretty much rolls along the floor.  The faster the ball rolls the faster he animates.

For the camera I'm casting a ray back from his head directly behind and if it collides with a collider (ie the level) it puts the camera at the point of collision.  This means the camera will never get stuck behind geometry and so will not lose sight of the player.

Next blog I will report on my work on adding detail to the level to make it look more realistic.