Monday, December 14, 2009

Game in a day - Post #2

I realised (because I'm so awesome) that I don't need to provide just Ad Hoc releases. I can spit out Mac, Linux, PC and Web versions of my games as well. So send me an email to admin (...AT...) drewfx (...DOT...) com and tell me what format you'd like to test on (UID needed for iPhone/iPod Touch) if you wanna help out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Game in a day - Post #1

I'm going to develop 3 games in 3 days for the iPhone.

Anyone that's interested to test and play for me, please contact me at admin (..AT..) drewfx (..DOT..)com. I will need your unique id for your iphone or ipod.

Of those UIDs sent I will send out Ad Hoc releases and then get you guys to vote on the best one. From there I will develop the most popular one into a full blow commercial app.

I've blocked out each game so far into what I will achieve each hour - up to 9 hours.

For each day, and each game I will be demonstrating what I believe will be a compelling game dynamic.

Stay iTuned.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Surf Prodigy 1.2 Update Progress

DrewFX Update 1.2 is nearing completion. One of the most significant changes is the camera
angle, predominantly fixed behind the surfer. This removes the confusion of how to steer the player. There is a speed gauge so you can understand where you need to be on the wave to propel the board.

Here's a link to Surf Prodigy on iTunes - now $2.49

Here's a list of the features

  • new logo and in game art ( 10% )

  • Sharks!!!! ( 50% )

  • jetty, submerged structures ( 50% )

  • new animations for moves and wipeouts ( DONE )

  • onscreen joystick ( DONE )

  • camera system to make steering match joystick moves ( ie no inverted moves - DONE )

  • dead accurate collision detection and physics for jumping ( DONE )

  • tweak control system to add stall, pump on wave ( DONE )

  • new obstacles such as rocks and pilings ( DONE )

  • fixed wave height on wave 1.0 so you don't pop above it ( DONE )

  • crisp textures on menus and in-game. ( DONE )

  • persistent settings - music on/off, low res on/off - remembers after restart so you don't have to change them again ( DONE )

  • upgrade surf/comp/free buttons ( DONE )

  • upgrade button resolution for options/stats/help/location ( DONE )

  • changed first wave to be 1.0 size to look better for first user experience ( DONE )

  • added better spray and foam from board ( DONE )

  • added aerial targets ( DONE )

  • glide better on wave ( DONE )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doom price drop for iPhone $3.99 TODAY ONLY

If you are a fan - grab Doom Resurrection today only for $3.99 during QuakeCon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Are we learning yet?

I was reading about Panedemic (Brisbance studio - Destroy All Humans) and how they recently shut down. They were bought by EA a few years ago. One of the employees came from RatBag Games, who were bought by Midway and then were shut down.

Are we learning yet? Pandemic and RatBag were my ideal companies to work for by the way - glad I didn't.

Just to state the obvious
- Never surrender your IP.
- Companies that want to buy your company don't want you around as competition.

So why did RatBag and Pandemic sell to Midway and EA respectively? Money I would think. Do you think the CEO's of the original companies got any kickbacks on closure of each studio? Do you think they even got severence pay (or super)?

Erm... ever worked for a games company before?

Monday, August 3, 2009

New game coming soon.

I've started a new iPhone game. Rather than specialise, like I did with Surf Prodigy (go get it), this time I'm focusing on a mainstream market idea - fun for the whole family and all that. I'm wondering if I should just come out with the idea or not. I feel it might be worthwhile blogging my progress on this one to increase the hype, but I'm not sure - because I perhaps want to keep it secret.

I think I might go halfway and start blogging more specific details when a release candidate is ready.

If you are interested in Surf Prodigy and how the sales are going, I have blogged on my old favourite site GarageGames.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Second Hand Dealer Sux to the Max

So I won't mention the second hand game franchise name but you know who I mean.

Not so long ago, I had a nice long chat with the manager on the first day they opened their store, and the manager pointed out clearly that unlike other stores of this ilk they would offer a higher rate of return on second hand games, with a minimum of $5. The manager said they were a special type of store that could offer a higher rate.

So I go in with my 7 games, expected to get $35 minimum trade, and two punks are at the counter, no manager on the weekend. Punk #1 scans all my games and comes back with a trade value of $20. I look at the screen and see they are offering mainly $3 and 1 for $2. I look at Punk #1 and #2 and repeated what their manager had said.

Punk #2 says, "you'll have to take it up with the manager. Our rates are the same, state-wide. We are like the other stores". "Yes, yes you are, and very special", I thought to myself and took my games home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Skeleton Pack revamp

Since Torque just got engine of the year, I've been asked to update the Skeleton Pack for Torque 3D. Here's the plan..

Pack update 1.2 ( Project duration 4 weeks - then put it up again - free update for existing users )
- Fully tested in the latest TGEA.
- Normals maps for everything included in the original pack
- Lights upgrades to TLK
- Bloom and DRL in small doses to enhance the look.
- Packs 1.0 and 1.1 combined into one convenient install for 1.2
- Documentation in video and pdf format for all changes.

Pack update 1.3 ( Project duration 4 - 6 weeks )
- Monster maze, includes generators, portals, checkpoints, start and exit
- My own version of multiplayer deathmatch - collect all the coins to get access rights to doors, be the first player to find the goal and go back and hamper the other players before the time runs out. Best score wins round.
- DIFs included which are the segments to "make your own maze"
- Documentation and video tutorials as extensive as before on how to make mazes and compelling level design.

Pack update 1.4 ( Project duration 4 - 6 weeks )
- Blender and/or Milkshape support
- Fully documented with docs and video

The reason for update 1.4 is because I believe a lot of people don't buy the pack because it only supports Lightwave. I don't have a Max license and providing it in an open source format should satisfy most people.