Thursday, April 21, 2011

DrewFX has released Turbo Flick: Demon GPU

Here's a link to the video
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Turbo Flick is out there!!!! Tell your friends.  Please buy and rate it.  Thanks in advance.

DrewFX to release Turbo Flick:DemonGPU

Release date: 22nd April 2011 (US) for iPod / iPad (scaling) / iPhone devices.
Price 99c (USD)
Publisher: DrewFX

Somewhere in one of these computer memories the Demon GPU was born. Now it is in your mobile device. It will destroy your world - unless, you can defeat it first. Battle your way through 6 sectors to find it. There the Demon GPU will be waiting.

* Cyberspace themed flick shooter.
* Physics based skill required.
* 36 levels to perfect.
* Star based reward system. Can you get them all?
* Retro arcade style shooter blended with pinball.

Videos and screen shots will be released the same day.