Friday, May 29, 2009

Second Hand Dealer Sux to the Max

So I won't mention the second hand game franchise name but you know who I mean.

Not so long ago, I had a nice long chat with the manager on the first day they opened their store, and the manager pointed out clearly that unlike other stores of this ilk they would offer a higher rate of return on second hand games, with a minimum of $5. The manager said they were a special type of store that could offer a higher rate.

So I go in with my 7 games, expected to get $35 minimum trade, and two punks are at the counter, no manager on the weekend. Punk #1 scans all my games and comes back with a trade value of $20. I look at the screen and see they are offering mainly $3 and 1 for $2. I look at Punk #1 and #2 and repeated what their manager had said.

Punk #2 says, "you'll have to take it up with the manager. Our rates are the same, state-wide. We are like the other stores". "Yes, yes you are, and very special", I thought to myself and took my games home.