Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Moving the humans

I've just implemented a pathing system for the humans. They will appear to be doing a job. At the moment I have one human moving from the beach up a hill to a jetty. What I will do next, is at every node there may be extra information on how long to wait, what anim to play, and any objects to interact with. This will make them appear to be performing roles. For example a human could get a box from a boat on the shore, walk up to the jetty and drop it off. From there another human may pilot a boat, drive up to the jetty and grab any boxes there. I will then create a scripted approach to assigning roles. Humans must be kept alive to keep your infrastructure going, otherwise you run out of shields, fuel and weapons.

I have also implemented a rudimentary scoring hud.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Waypoints and AI Video

I've got some video here of the Harvester using the Waypoint and AI system to find a human. Looks kinda ominous when this thing heads across the water to the human.

YouTube Harvester Attacks

The Harvester will suck the human into it's chamber to be stripped of flesh and the bones spat out - gives me a chance to use my Skeleton Pack.

I've also blogged at GG to show the Harvester and work on interiors.