Friday, February 29, 2008

Alpha Feedback and Bugs


The Alpha Is Released.


1) Go here to download it.
[Mirror #1 -Divshare]
[Mirror #2 -MediaFire]
[Mirror #3 - Thanks Patrick]

2) Play it.

3) Please click on the link below here to send me Feedback and Bugs by clicking on this link for the alpha release of B.R.A.V.E.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Emergent Behaviour

So I've implemented half of the system to allow my humans to load and unload trucks. I am fighting the AIWheeledVehicle2 resource at the moment, because it didn't expose much to TorqueScript and I need control of the pathing system. The AIWheeledVehicle2 resource reads in any path you assign to the vehicle and then uses C++ and physics to control it.

I guess I still want it to do this but I need access to where it is along the path so I can program the nodes with instructions. I've managed to get the trucks to roll to a stop on every node, so now I am going to extend a method to TorqueScript so I can get the current node and check the correlating nodes in the mission to determine if they need to stop or not. In most cases they only stop at depots such as the rocket they are refueling or the hanger they are ferrying parts from.

I also want to work on what happens to men and trucks when aliens start flying around. If humans are picked up and you shoot the attacking alien, the human will drop to the floor and then run back to it's path - emergent behaviour very cool! But I want the humans to cower in fear as well, so the alien presence will inhibit their own objectives. This means the player need to keep aliens away from humans and truck if the mission is to progress.

More soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Path to Success

(or the 'Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions')
I didn't get much done this month. However I have ALOT!!! to do for the alpha in March. So that's why I've named the blog as such. I have so many ideas, so many things to add, and so little time.

This month I started my marketing research and found that Valve are in the process of launching 'Steamworks'
which you all should get very excited about. It's a way to launch, market and live patch your game quickly and easily. It leverages Steam's community and tools, and best of all it's free. So I'm trying to sign up - emailed Jason twice but still no response :(

I also added a simple teaser to my web site DrewFX

Anyway, so I got the human pathing system to work in TGE this time. Here's a youtube video to watch. It allows me to set spawn points which link to paths. Every human spawned from that point with follow the spawn points designated path. The path nodes then have instructions like wait5, load10 etc to give the impression the humans are doing something. Anyway here's the vid and I'll blog each week up to release of the alpha.