Thursday, January 22, 2009

Skeleton Pack revamp

Since Torque just got engine of the year, I've been asked to update the Skeleton Pack for Torque 3D. Here's the plan..

Pack update 1.2 ( Project duration 4 weeks - then put it up again - free update for existing users )
- Fully tested in the latest TGEA.
- Normals maps for everything included in the original pack
- Lights upgrades to TLK
- Bloom and DRL in small doses to enhance the look.
- Packs 1.0 and 1.1 combined into one convenient install for 1.2
- Documentation in video and pdf format for all changes.

Pack update 1.3 ( Project duration 4 - 6 weeks )
- Monster maze, includes generators, portals, checkpoints, start and exit
- My own version of multiplayer deathmatch - collect all the coins to get access rights to doors, be the first player to find the goal and go back and hamper the other players before the time runs out. Best score wins round.
- DIFs included which are the segments to "make your own maze"
- Documentation and video tutorials as extensive as before on how to make mazes and compelling level design.

Pack update 1.4 ( Project duration 4 - 6 weeks )
- Blender and/or Milkshape support
- Fully documented with docs and video

The reason for update 1.4 is because I believe a lot of people don't buy the pack because it only supports Lightwave. I don't have a Max license and providing it in an open source format should satisfy most people.