Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Cold Days 1 and 2

So I thought I would blog my cold progress to remind myself in the future about the signs and what to expect.

Day 1 was yesterday and I felt a little more breethy than normal though my nose - yes I thought "is this a cold?".  By the evening my nose while super clear (more so than normal) started to ache at the back.  By the evening before I went to sleep my left nostril was blocked and all night I was restless with a super dry mouth and blocked left nostril.

Day 2 - woke up feeling really tired - sore throat and phlegmy.  After clearing my throat I felt okay and figured it was just from a snore-fest the night before.  During the day the aching feeling started and by lunch the lethargy set in.  I've started moving slower.  In the afternoon my left nostril started to drip and there is a dull ache in my head with a dull feeling of soreness and fever.  Feel a little poisoned.

How I feel...

Day 2 - Update.  At the end of the day had a face ache behind my left eye, but the nose dripping stopped.  Had some paracetamol and the ache went away.  Nose stopped running for a while then came back with the first sneeze.  Now it seems like it's going away.  I bet it's the tricky part where I think I'm well enough to go to work, then when at work start sneezing and spread the virus.

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Leonardo said...

Having a cold has always been difficult for me, and I find that only sleep helps me get over it. My nose always seems to run, but blowing it doesn't help. My wife always gets over them in a few days, and I'm jealous because mine lingers. I'll try medication for the aches next time to see if that works for me.